What is Identacor?

Identacor is a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution.

Identacor provides secure, one-click access to all of your company’s corporate web applications.

Beyond mere conveniences, Identacor enables central management of the provisioning, access, and use of company software as a service (SasS) and Web applications.

Authorized employees enjoy convenient single-sign-on access to all of your company’s cloud applications – anywhere in the world and on any device. So you stay in complete control over how your employees access business applications.

You also gain expanded visibility into how work is conducted, with superior security and access controls to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. Identacor is a comprehensive and indispensable cloud application management solution. Continue Reading

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Why Choose Identacor?

Identacor unifies cloud application access and control for a simple, proven and secure cloud identity management solution.

24/7 Compliance

Take on-premises IT policies to the cloud and ensure 24/7 compliance throughout the organization. Get instant provisioning and deprovisioning of team members, integrated through Active Directory (AD), control app usage and provide employees with a native access to all their Apps and devices with a single login credentials.

Improved IT Performance

More and more businesses are embracing cloud tech because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. Similarly, cloud-based identity management system saves IT department from the hassle of complex integrations, manual user provisioning/deprovisioning, bulks of passwords, etc. Thus, it improves IT performance and enables them to do more with minimum resources.

Budget Friendly Subscription

Cloud based identity management not juts eases the pain of extensive IT infrastructure and management but it also relieves businesses from the recurrent cost of installations for each new app or feature. Identacor provides pay-as-you-go identity services across platforms and devices with an investment as low as $1.

Adoption of New Technology

The cloud based identity and access management (IAM) accelerates adoption of new technologies in the organization. The adaptable cloud model and service-oriented model decouples infrastructure from the devices, and therefore, enables quick and seamless access to more and more technologies.

Awesome Features

Find out how simple Identacor really is. No software required!

No Coding
No Installations

Identacor allows instant access to all your files, applications and devices with a single sign-on. You don’t ....

Application Portal

Identacor provides the convenience of a single sign-on system for your company, with only one password that ....

SAML Support

If you really want to know, SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language. It works with your applications to guarantee...

Active Directory Integration

Seamless integration with Active Directory (LDAP) allows your users to access any application...

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How it Works

Safe and Secure Access to your Apps in 4 Easy Steps

You benefit from:

SSO means that you’re signed into all your applications as soon as you log into Identacor. No more wasted time on multiple logins means increased productivity, and a healthier bottom line.
Log on from any computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone. No more battling traffic and inclement weather to get to work, because the office is as close as your device.
You won’t have to worry about buying, installing and updating software any longer, because we have thousands of pre-configured applications that will help you get the job done.
You control who can access your applications and files. You can add users, delete them, change their passwords… it’s all in your hands with Identacor.
Find out first-hand how Identacor can benefit you. Don't delay. See How it works

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